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Need help finding affordable, local concrete pump hire?  Overseeing a large scale project, but are unsure how you’re going to get the concrete you need laid in place?  You need look no further than Easy Pumps.

Easy Pumps is an experienced firm offering a wide array of concrete pumping and screed needs.  You can hire a concrete pump truck to attend your premises or site at short notice – and our team will be ready with everything you need to get your foundations and building work up and running.

Hire a Concrete Lorry with Pump

Looking for concrete pumping near me?  Concrete is something which needs time and patience.  For an even fill and spread, you are going to need access to a concrete lorry with pump that will provide you with top quality mix at a volume you require.  It is never a good idea to try and handle concrete filling on your own.  Therefore, we’ve set up a simple, low cost mobile concrete pump service to make sure local businesses and private customers are always completely covered.

Whether you need a concrete boom pump, a concrete line pump or otherwise, our team will always be happy and ready to show you what we have on offer.  Businesses across London turn to Easy Pumps for access to concrete pump hire near me – and what’s more, we support competitive prices to offer low cost rates of hire across the board.

Need help with managing your concrete supply?  Count on an efficient, reliable and expert team with all the equipment you’ll ever need.  Whether you are building a private estate or taking care of a multi-storey project, we understand that you are going to need help from efficient line pump hire, boom pump hire and more besides.  Why not take a look at some of our services, rates and previous projects?

020 7101 4688
020 7101 4688

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Welcome to Easy Concrete Ltd

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020 7101 4688
020 7101 4688

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No Fuss, No Mess

We’re called Easy Pumps for a reason.  We don’t like making a fuss, and we certainly don’t like making a mess.  Using tools and pumps which can access even the tightest of spots, we make sure to supply all the concrete you need without any of the cleanup.  Other concrete pumping companies near me may not be so precise.  That, ultimately, is just one of the reasons why local firms turn to Easy Pumps for all their concrete supplication needs.

When overseeing a building or construction project, the last thing you are going to need is sloppy workmanship.  Even with a small concrete pump or a mini concrete pump, poor handling can lead to a lot of mess.  Our team of experts, however, know all the tricks of the trade to leave you with a smooth, clean concrete supply. We’ve worked hard for over ten years to become the best in the local business.  Look across Hertfordshire, Essex and beyond for a more careful concrete pump hire team!

Upfront on Costs

Of course, one of the main things you are going to be concerned about will be the cost of concrete pumping near me.  While other local firms may not be upfront on pricing and fees, we make sure to give you the full lowdown on your future invoice before we get started.  This way, you can depend on a reliable quote without having to worry about going over budget.

We have a variety of services, packages and tariff s for you to choose from the moment you call for support.  Therefore, you can completely tailor your experience with Easy Pumps.  Need a static concrete pump?  A low cost boom pump for hire?  Maybe you need line pump hire at short notice.  In any case, Easy Pumps will help you find the best choice for your needs, based on budget and physical concerns.  Reach out to us to find out more, we won’t bite!

Our Services

Below is a list of the different Concrete Pump Services we offer. Speak with our friendly team today to find the best one for you.

Budget Liquid Screed Pumping in London by Easy Pumps
Liquid Screed Pumping

Our concrete pumps can deliver concrete where you need it saving you time and money.

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Easy Pumps Same Day Concrete Line Pump Hire in Hertfordshire
Line Pump Hire

The Line Pump is the most popular choice for pumping concrete precisely where you need it.

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Reliable Concrete Boom Pump Hire Services in Hertfordshire by Easy Pumps
Boom Pump Hire

Our Boom Pumps work well with construction projects by using a hydraulic arm to place concrete exactly where you need it.

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Technical Information

If you would like to know more information about our services, click here to find out more.

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Why choose us?

An Expert Touch

We understand that getting concrete laid and ready to set is a sensitive business.  Poor quality concrete can offer plenty of problems in terms of stability later down the line. What’s more, no one wants to look at concrete that’s cracking and weathering under years of use! That’s why we make sure you pump through ready mix concrete from a leading source.  Our top quality mix is easy to pour, quick to set, and will offer your project stability and appeal for years to come.

Our experts also know their way around the best tools in the trade.  That means, whether you choose a concrete mixer pump or a full concrete lorry with pump, you can rest assured that our team will remain on-site to oversee the whole project for you.  We work with precision, care and efficiency. What’s more, if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Our experts make sure that your concrete is pumped safely and speedily.  We can lay up to 8 cubic metres of concrete in just under 15 minutes!  Automated and managed concrete pumping and laying are much quicker than doing everything by hand.  Once you see our team and our equipment in action, we’re certain that you will agree!

Booking a Concrete Pumping Service Near Me

If you’re looking for efficient and reliable concrete pumping London or elsewhere, it’s time you turned to a team with years of careful experience.  We don’t just pour in your concrete and leave.  We will remain on-site for as long as you need us to.  Provide us with all the information you can about your project before we get started, and we will make sure to stick to your brief at all times.

As leading concrete pump hire and liquid screed pump experts, our services are often in high demand.  However, we are pleased to be able to book in with customers at very short notice!  To book your slot or to arrange for concrete pump hire near me, make sure you call our team directly or contact us online today.

Looking for low cost concrete pump hire near me?  Let Easy Pumps handle your project for you.

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We have used Easy Pump for years now and they always provide a great service. Robert is always on hand to help with Technical help that we need.
Many thanks.

James , Trust Construction

RBK group have used Easy Pump for a big project in Essex the service we receive was fantastic, even the price we had was much better than our previous pumping company who let us down too many times.

Richard , RBK group

We would not hesitate to recommend Easy Pump, thanks for all your help on the Kings Road job it really made a difference.

Mark, Paul & Team, LBR Construction

Its hard to find reliable trustworthy businesses to deal with, we are so happy with the service received we would not hesitate in recommending you.

Teresa & Luke, Kingsbridge Conservatories Ltd