Liquid Screed: The Self-Levelling Agent

In the construction industry, we have noticed many emphasise concrete, cement, mixers, etc. Yes, these are crucial elements without which any construction would be impossible. But, we often forget the most vital material in the construction business for indoor floorings: Liquid Screed.

Liquid Screed, also known as a flow screed, is the most desired and preferred standard flooring product. Liquid screed is a binding mixture of concrete screed and calcium sulphate and has smoothly replaced the conventional screed, a mixture of sand and cement. Liquid screed is not similar to concrete. Concrete is used as a sub-floor material to construct a foundation or flooring, whereas liquid screed is a flooring component that is poured above a layer of concrete to provide a smooth, seamless, and even surface. Unlike concrete, liquid screed has a free-flowing consistency and is also recognised as a “self-levelling agent”.

It has become a must-have in domestic, industrial and commercial indoor spaces with heavy footfalls due to the excellent durability, crack-free resistance and longevity it provides to the floors. Amidst many properties, it also offers underflooring heating and thermal insulation. Once it is dried, one can install the final flooring on top of liquid screed such as tiles, carpets or wood.

What is a Liquid Screed Pump?

Well, now that we are well-versed with what liquid screed is and how important it is to enjoy even floorings, the next question should be, how do we pour screed? For years, builders and contractors have been resorting to pouring screed by hand. But, this is a tricky, time-consuming and tedious process. There is a higher possibility that your workers cannot reach all areas.

On the flip side, a liquid screed pump can effortlessly access all corners, save your physical labour time and costs, efficiently mix all the screed aggregates and deliver the same seamless floor that your customers want. If efficiency and optimisation are what you require on the job site to help you move to your next project sooner, a liquid screed pump is what you need.

Benefits of Shifting from Manual to Machines

Here are a few reasons why you must shift to liquid screed pumps today if you haven’t already:

  1. Superior Quality: A liquid screed pump has a high-volume capacity and forces the mixed liquid screed to further mix in a refined composure while pushing it out through the pump. In this process, the result is that you receive an excellent and premium quality liquid screed that will smoothly lay on the floor without any creases. Hand mixers or wheelbarrows, on the contrary, cannot provide you with a similar grind mix. Such a liquid screed will deliver poor quality and low performance that can ruin your flooring.
  2. Higher Efficiency: Whether it is a new project or refurbishment of an existing floor, you will be expected to complete it in a stipulated amount of time to concentrate and move on to your next project. In such a scenario, time is money for you; hence, you cannot utilise it by employing manual labour to pour screed in each area. Thus, who wouldn’t want to opt for a liquid screed pump that will save you time and cut labour costs? A liquid screed pump will also keep the site clean and will pour the screed directly at the desired location efficiently and evenly, giving it the needed shine and professional look.
  3. Access: Imagine a situation where you are working on a consignment for an industrial floor, and your qualified screeders aren’t able to reach the corners of the floor or even lay for a multi-storey building while hand-laying the flowing screed. In this situation, you will certainly lose out on your client and reputation. But not if you use liquid screed pumps instead. Thanks to their extended range of hose lengths, you make easy, effortless and quick access to any floor.
  4. Cost-Efficient: A liquid screed pump might look expensive and exorbitant at face value, but you must consider the number of resources, time and efforts they help you save. Thus, investing in a liquid screed pump is a wise and budget-friendly choice.

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Even and Smooth Flooring with Easy Pump

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